Organic Fotomodel wanted

Organic Fotomodel wanted
(Update on 17.05.2022)


Project is cancelled (at the moment)!

In 2 years of searching I got only unserious offers by „models“ – none of these had a public sedcard or even a portfolio as pdf to give to look at, if a model is even an adult or has any experiences being nude model! I don`t need any nude pictures sending by emails for fun – so a public sedcard is base and enough to get an impression – but that’s the problem of all applicants. Cause I am not being a professional photographer, I got only unserious offers….so I will concentrate back again on my organic meal motifs in future!

I did advertisement on several advertisement portals in 2021 till now – more than 800 visitors being interested in my projects in 2021/22, but I got applications by 50 young women aged 18 to 23 yo. and 2 men only, without any sedcards or portfolio, which is not my preference. As I don`t know on virtual contact, if you fit adult age or being familiar with nude modelling, I can`t choose you without knowing you! None of these even know what a „sedcard or portfolio“ is…

If you are serious, you can apply with your sedcard / portfolio any time, than I will restart the project – but emails without will be deleted without any notice!


!!! Project will take place only in summer time, between April till August +/- , when its warm outside and temperature will rise between 23 to 32 °C – everyone being interested and fitting my preconditions can apply with sedcard / portfolio (link or pdf via email) – no special health test is needed as precondition !!!

I like to do a new advertisement campaign for my organic cooking- and food-blog „„, but also for my Webshop „Cooking-Art.Shop“ (https://Cooking-Art.Shop and https://Pop-Art.Store), so I am looking for:

    • female nude models: best a sexy Asian / Latin / Black / White toned, woman
    • male nude models: best a sexy half muscled Latin / Black / White natural toned, man
    • your body has to be smooth muscled with „curves“ and shaved

for realizing my cooking ideas with the model as „living plate„.

I am photographing and filming about 35 years, but more technical, building, landscape, nature and food (watch out a couple of my photos on my following Webshops:

So it will be a challenge also for me to realize my projects with you as „living plate“. We both decide which photos will be published, cause I like to create a fair relaxed atmosphere. Transparency to any content at any time.

Your physical preconditions:

  • healthy organic diet
  • smooth and clear skin
  • natural face and body – no plastic surgery!
  • no fat
  • skin colour light till brown coloured
  • no tattoos/piercings on stomach and back (sorry)
  • no cosmetics – no perfume – pure and natural, but perfumefree showered (needful for me as I am chemical sensitive when bein togethter in a room!)
  • sexy appearance
  • trained is welcome, but no body building
  • aged between 28-43 y.o.

About the shooting – 2 Versions:
(All shootings with model contract only!)

  • Version -1-
  • Shootings will take place in 2 locations at minimal 2 times: indoor (preselection) and outdoor (final shooting)
  • Nudity, art based – no erotic!
  • Themes: Food (cold/warm food) on body/skin on stomach and back
  • TFP (Trade for Prints)
  • Both get publication rights – you: use for your sedcard and portfolio
  • Both get publication rights – me: pictures will be published on my organic food blog here, used for advertising ad maybe future photographer portfolio
  • No selling for each!
  • opt. extra contract if some pictures will be great for selling
  • Version -2-
  • Shootings will take place in 2 locations at 2 times: indoor (preselection) and outdoor (final shooting)
  • Nudity, art based and erotic (no penetration!)
  • Themes: Food (cold/warm food) on body/skin on stomach and back, maybe whole body
  • Paid – you get paid by me
  • Publication and selling rights for me
  • Pictures will be published on my organic food blog ‚‘, on my webshops ‚Cooking-Art.Shop‘ and ‚Pop-Art.Store‘ for selling, used for advertising and directly by personal consulting service „Kunst am Bau“ for selling, too.
  • Please do not apply for this version without a public sedcard or portfolio as nude model!


If you think YOU (woman and man) fit my preconditions and be familiar with my message „healthy food – healthy humans“,  it will be nice for you to join my project. Please apply WITH your sedcard / portfolio as link or PDF (max. 1 MB!) via mail to „info [a] Gesundes-Essen dot bio“; titled „Application organic fotomodel, female / male“.

If you like to apply, please use the following contact form (German language):



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